The beginning of a second Gilded Age

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One could easily argue that, given the events of last year, the US is spiraling down the hypothetical drain. We all witnessed an attempted coup on January 6th inspired by a tyrannical, would-be dictator who left the country in ruins while it reeled from a mishandled pandemic, leaving over half a million dead. To make matters worse, our infrastructure is crumbling, wages are stagnant, rent costs half your salary, healthcare is unaffordable, and partisan news media propaganda is driving us further and further apart. How the hell did this happen?!

The Theory of Assholes

It’s too convenient to place all…

A centrist and CRT education survivor’s perspective

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When skimming through your favorite news website these days it’s almost impossible not to see at least one story about critical race theory (CRT). Reading some of these articles makes it quickly apparent that CRT is just one more litmus test for extremes on either side of the aisle to prove their partisan purity to each other. Those on the far left swear by CRT and believe it is essential for kids to learn in school, while those on the far right call it an abomination biased against White students that should be banned. …

A personal story of fighting the villains of the healthcare “non-system”

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As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on throughout the US and the world at large, doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals alike are being hailed as heroes. This is a much-deserved title since these individuals are risking their health, safety, and very lives fighting a novel disease on the frontlines. While patients may be grateful to healthcare professionals for saving their lives, the mood changes once the hospital bill arrives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped to reinforce an already acknowledged concept that US healthcare has a dark and devious underbelly. It underscores the simple and painful reality that healthcare in the…

Jeff Cohen

By day...hard working corporate tool. By night...and also sometimes by day...Economic justice warrior with a heart of gold!

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